It Is Finally Raining in Honduras

Honduras Mountains

I live in privilege.  When I turn on the faucet in the kitchen, water comes out.  I can go to the market and the shelves are full of food.  I typically don’t  don’t pause and think very much about either one.  I don’t even pay a lot of attention to where the water comes from when I open the tap or the what the source of food is that I buy.

It operates differently in the five villages in Honduras that we are working with.  People don’t buy food, they produce it.  When there is no rain, there are no crops. And when that happens, an alarming number of people leave their villages and migrate to dangerous urban areas. Or go hungry.

Honduras has many problems.  Among them, there are no longer stable weather patterns.  And large parts of the country have been in prolonged drought.  So, the rains have finally and belatedly come.

And that is a cause for celebration in Honduras.

And it makes me acutely aware about how much I take for granted.


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