The Egg Carton

2016-06-23 06.18.59

When we go out to West Virginia, we stop by a small market called “Graden’s Market” that is outside Lebanon Church, Virginia.  It has gas pumps as well.

We generally stop there to fill up our Subaru, because gas is $.20 per gallon cheaper that in West Virginia.

We stopped by the last time that we went out.  Betsy went into the market to buy some supplies that we needed at the farm. She also bought a dozen eggs.  They were in a styrofoam container that had the following label:  “Please return egg cartons for reuse.”

When we buy eggs in a carton in Washington, the carton gets recycled- not reused.  And that is how we do things in the city.  I am reminded about how little things do make a difference.  And so we are going to change our habits on our way to West Virginia:  we will stop by Gradens each time we go out to return an egg carton and to buy a new one.

The other surprise was the eggs that we got.  They came from Alan and Patie Ferrell’s farm and from chickens that are range fed. And the eggs themselves are almost too delightful to eat:  the are soft pastels of brown, light blue, and soft shades of white.


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