About Me


I am 74 years old.

The sands in my hour glass are running out. This is not a morbid thought. On the contrary, this realization leads me into engagement, spiritual questing, and a sense of fullness and aliveness.

As I realize that I do not have an infinite span of years. I want to dedicate my life to my passions: my family, my community, my spiritual questing, and “causes” such as climate change, care of Anacostia and its neighborhoods, the culture and environment of Appalachia, and sustainable agriculture and community empowerment in Central America.

My engagement is undergirded by my belief in the divinity and interconnectedness of everyone and all things.  Also, in the power of doing small things that can, singly and taken together, make a difference.

I have a marriage of longstanding to my wife, Betsy. I attempt to be present to the changes in our relationship as we grow older. Who we are now is not who we were when we were first married.  We have two sons, two daughters in law, and five grandchildren:  all are truly amazing and are cherished.

We are living several months of the year at our rustic Appalachian mountain farm where we attempt to live simply and embedded in the history and environment of the place.  We attempt to be good stewards.

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