Earth Meditation



Calming the breath calms the mind. Calming the body calms the mind.

Take a few deep breaths. Nice, slow, relaxed breaths, in the service of calming the body. Don’t force it. Hold it for a few moments.

As you breathe out, release, let go, let go of anything you don’t need. Take a few more breaths, nice deep breaths. As you breathe in, breath in calm. Simply invite calm in. No need to grasp.

On the exhale, let go of any agitation.

As you breathe in, get a sense of your whole field expanding beyond your skin so that there is abundant space. It is the spaciousness that allows for calming. Let your field be as wide as your energy needs. If you have any excess energy, as you breathe out, share it with the earth. Send it down to your feet. On the outbreath, send any excess energy down to the earth. The earth can handle it all. It is here for you. Feel its spaciousness and groundedness.

And, now, let the breath find its own natural rhythm. Best not to try to manipulate it in any way. Let the breath breathe you. Allow yourself to be breathed, to whatever extent possible.

Allow yourself to be however it is. Relax into the breath. And, simply, let yourself settle into the moment. No trying, no straining. Let yourself be. And if there is any sense of calm, explore the landscape of calm and tranquility. Simply connect with it, and simply enjoy it. Just for the next few moments, let yourself rest. Nothing to do. No place to go. Enjoy the stillness and absence of stimulation. Enjoy the calm.

Let yourself love stillness and peace.

Gently open your eyes. Let that sense of rest and ease be in your space. Share the energy with the earth.

James Baraz


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